Female cast members from season 4 of The Only Way Is Essex.
Female cast members from season 4 of The Only Way Is Essex. Nicky Johnston / ITV

Essex reality show takes dramatic new turn

BURSTING fake boobs discussions, Chihuahua yoga and cocktails at swanky restaurants.

The Only Way is Essex Series 4 brings back the glamour, glitz and self-indulgence of the western suburbs of UK's Essex to Aussie screens.

The "dramality" series focuses on a cavalcade of real people in modified situations saying unscripted lines but in a structured way.

It's been touted as Britain's answer to The Hills or Jersey Shore, but watch the show because Essex style is in a realm of its own.

With "ream" girls, stacks of make-up and fake eyelashes and an intricate web of socialites, TOWIE has exploded as one of Britain's most popular reality shows.

But bringing a touch of class to the show is 21-year-old Lydia Rose Bright. It's a turbulent start to the series for Bright, with episode one showing her break-up with long-term boyfriend James "Arg" Argent unfold.

It's hard not to feel for Bright as she wipes the tears away from her big blue eyes in episode one, all the while ensuring her mascara doesn't smudge.

With UK already settling into Series 7, Bright says it is a strange feeling to look back over earlier series.

"It is strange to watch back episodes when your life moves forward so much, my life has changed a lot, so to watch it back is weird, everything is so different," Bright said.

"Series four I think is really exciting, there's loads of new characters, including three guys coming in, Tom (Kilbey) being one of them.

"There's quite a lot of changes in Series 4 - relationship changes, and new characters."

Series 4 is not all about heartbreak for Bright, with new boyfriend Tom Kilbey on the scene.

Bright said she is focused on letting relationships happen naturally.

"It is scripted but based on real life, we're not told to say anything, the only thing set up is the location - cameras aren't following us around like a reality show," she said.

"The show needs to be as real as possible, you need to follow your heart otherwise it ends up looking fake and viewers can see that."


The Only Way is Essex - LifeStyle YOU - Monday at 8.30pm Qld, 9.30pm NSW.

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