QT's Mummy Columnist Clare Evans of Goodna.
QT's Mummy Columnist Clare Evans of Goodna. David Nielsen

Essential style tips for mums with a bub doing the school run

WAKE IN FRIGHT: Sunglasses are an essential item.
WAKE IN FRIGHT: Sunglasses are an essential item. Contributed

I'VE never had to do the school run with a newborn until now.

When #2 was born, we had lovely grandparents around to take the Child Genius to and from school, and when #3 came along there was a school bus that went from the end of our street.

Actually having to get out and about in a somewhat presentable manner has proved easier said than done, and has required a military level of precision and commitment to Getting Things Organised the night before.

That works most of the time, unless we have one of those three hours of power screaming evenings from the wee one.

So I've developed some foolproof methods to getting myself out of the house in the morning in more than a vomit-scented dressing gown.

May I present to you - Modern Mum's Guide to School Run Style for the Frazzled New Mother:


I cannot stress enough the importance of a good pair of sunnies.

Not only do they cover the excess baggage in your under eye area, but they enable you to avoid making eye contact with other parents on days when you are too sleep-deprived to deal with any schoolyard mama drama.

Unfrazzled mums suggest concealer and mascara to camouflage the fact that you only got two hours sleep last night.

I have not owned either since the She-Devil painted her walls and carpet with them, so it's sunnies all the way for me.

Sleep In Your Clothes

Seriously. I've heard this suggested as a technique for people who get up really early in the morning to exercise, and it applies equally well to not having to go to the office for a late slip.

Obviously not going to work if you're a suit wearer, but trust me - trackies are an infinitely better look in the car park than pyjamas.

Bonus: Wearing workout gear on your morning school run gives the appearance of being Active Mum off to the gym to work on your core strength/train for a marathon. Even if you're really going home for a coffee and a biscuit.


I've said before that my idea of a hairstyle is a ponytail. That's about as fancy as I get.

And just as well, because frequent hair washing is a thing of the past. I don't know who invented dry shampoo, but I would like to kiss them.

But I'm also sporting a fair whack of (grey, awesomely) regrowth, so my staple pony makes that a bit less obvious too.

Bonus: When you do wash your hair and wear it out, your husband asks if you've had your hair done. True story. 

And finally..

I'd advocate letting your standards slip as your pregnancy progresses, so if you turn up looking like death, no one really notices. When wearing a button through shirt is enough for people to ask if you've been out, you know you've got the Modern Mum style sussed.


This week I'm going nuts about coconuts

I HAVE a bit of a tendency to get obsessed about things from time to time.

Usually household and health-related - cleaning with bicarb and vinegar, sphagnum moss disinfectant, making stock.

Their shelf life varies, some stick around and others are a flash in the pan.

At the moment it's coconut oil.

There's a deadset coconut oil frenzy at our place; I'm using it to cook, to banish head lice, on nappy rash, as a moisturiser - the list goes on.

Then I read about oil pulling.

Basically this involves swishing the oil around in your mouth, and is supposed to help sensitive teeth, headaches, sinus issues. So I thought I'd give it a burl. How bad could it be? Answer? BAD.

The first morning I overdid the amount I needed to use.

I think I managed about 30 seconds of swishing. Checking my book I read that you're supposed to do it for 15-20 minutes.

Given that I'm sleeping in clothes and not washing my hair, I don't know where I'm going to fit in 15 minutes of swishing.

At least while I'm swishing I'm not driving Modern Dad mental touting its many virtues.

I think he's pretty ready for me to discover a new obsession.

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