A CENTURY ago, World War I was coming to an end and a 'little princess' was born. Ena Watson is today celebrating her 100th birthday with fond memories of a century marked with war, good cooking and a growing family.

She was born on September 12, 1918 and grew up in a home on Blackstone Rd at Newtown. Ena was the youngest child, she had two brothers, Eddie and Herbie.

"I had a good mother and father, Edward and Agnes Savage. My brothers would call me their little princess. I had two lovely brothers," she said. "They used to drag me around in a cart and my mother would nearly take fits because she thought I would fall out.

Ena studied domestic science at the Technical College in Ipswich, where she polished the steps and did dress making in the afternoons.

She met George Watson in 1939 and they were married in 1940 in Ipswich. Ena had two daughters, Esma and Elaine. She has five grandsons, six great granddaughters and one great great granddaughter.

"I met this boy and we got met married at the Congregational Church in town but that's a Coles now," she said.

"He was very placid. I don't know how me put up with me because I was the boisterous one.

"The war was on at the time and my husband did go to the war, he had two and half years up in New Guinea. He was discharged and started we our family in 1945. When he joined the army, after Pearl Harbour, I went to work in the ammunition factory."

The family left Ipswich and moved north where George was a miner.

"We shifted up north to a little old mining town, Howard, and that was the best 18 years of my life. George was a fisherman and he used to go away at the weekends and I did the baking for the week. My mother taught me to be a good cook," Ena said.

"I couldn't cook fish until my husband brought it home, so I had to learn. I just did it in flour, salt and pepper. I was a fisherman's widow. George used to work hard and after that he went on died on me in 1971, on Elaine's wedding day." Ena said a living for a century was due to a combination of good fortune and good family.

"He must have been looking after me up there," she said.

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