ECQ too quick to predict results

THE Electoral Commission of Queensland says confusion with some election results on Saturday night was caused by out-of-date preference flows being applied to 21 seats.

A host of seats on the ECQ's website became blank as the ECQ realised it could no longer use historical preference flows to predict winners due to the massive redistribution this year.

A spokeswoman said the official first preference counts were always correct.

But notional counts - which have no bearing on the election but are designed to give an early indication of preference flows based on polling and voting trends - were withdrawn in some seats.

"The redrawing of electoral boundaries by the Queensland Redistribution Commission impacted one in three voters so it emerged that past performance was not an indicator of current trends in 21 seats," she said.

Meanwhile, first preference counts continued yesterday as officials began going through absentee votes and postal votes.

However, the last postal votes aren't due until 10 days after election day, on Tuesday, December 5.

That could mean the result in very tight seats won't be known until after then.

About 370,000 people applied for postal votes this election, 80,000 more than at the 2015 election.

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