Eagles keen to make fresh start after another close defeat

"IT's good but it's also frustrating.''

That's how Ipswich Eagles captain Nick Barling summed up his team's plight after another narrow loss in Saturday's QAFA (A) match at Pine Rivers.

The home side won 60-55 in a match Ipswich led in the final quarter before failing to finish.

"Yesterday we didn't capitalise when we had the wind,'' Barling said.

"We had a really good first quarter when they had the wind and we managed to kick three goals.

"Then it was a real scrap in the second when we had the wind and I don't think we kicked a goal.''

Chasing their second win this season, the Eagles were left encouraged by their young talent but upset they have been unable in recent weeks to power home.

Having several regular top graders unavailable with injury and work commitments hasn't helped.

"We can't fault the boys' effort,'' first-year captain Barling said. "Sometimes it goes your way and at the moment it's nothing really going ours.''

Barling (pictured) is hopeful a two-week break from matches gives the Eagles a chance to freshen up and recover from any niggles before making a second half charge.

"It's still mathematically possible (to make the finals),'' the school teacher said.

"I think we've got the cattle. It's just getting everyone back at the same time.

"The future looks bright with those young guys. We just need to keep them in the club and keep training them up.''

As the Eagles' top side has a break, the focus moves to Sunday's Thirds local derby.

The Eagles are playing cross-town rivals the Ipswich Cats at Ivor Marsden Sporting Complex at Amberley.

The winner of the 2pm match will also move off the bottom of the table.



QAFA (A): Pine Rivers 8.12-60 def Ipswich Eagles 7.13-55.

Reserves: Pine Rivers 13.6-84 def Ipswich Eagles 7.9-51.


Next matches: June 27 - v Bond Uni at Limestone Park.

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