Eagle eyed police spot mismatched number plates

VIGILANT police did a double take when they saw a man behind the wheel of Kia Rio with mismatched number plates.

The small Kia was wearing plates that belonged to bigger Fords.

The front of the car showed a registration plate from a Ford F100, while the back plate was previously registered to a Ford Falcon.

Both plates had been cancelled and the driver Bradley Smith fled from police, Ipswich Magistrates Court heard this week.

Bradley John Smith, 34, from Gatton, a butcher, bartender and father of three, pleaded guilty to driving when disqualified at Marburg; having registration plates that were cancelled; and driving a motor vehicle that was unregistered and uninsured.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Narelle Lowe said when police saw the Kia in Marburg the driver took off at speed, heading to the Warrego Highway.

Not long after, they found the vehicle at a house in Haigslea, with its engine running, radio blaring, driver's door open and the key still in the ignition.

The driver had fled on foot.

The police dog squad was brought in and Smith was sniffed out in the house.

Defence lawyer Kathryn Starkey conceded it was a serious offence and a jail penalty was in range because of his prior offending.

Magistrate Dennis Kinsella said Smith initially denied being the driver after being found in the house.

At the time of the offence Smith's licence was disqualified for two years until October 2021.

Mr Kinsella said Smith's driving had been irresponsible.

He noted that the illegal plates attached to the Kia had been cancelled back in 2015.

Smith was sentenced to a four-month jail term with immediate parole.

He was disqualified from driving for another two years.

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