An Ipswich man has been jailed over multiple shocking domestic violence attacks.
An Ipswich man has been jailed over multiple shocking domestic violence attacks.

DV offender’s chilling threat to partner

A MAN has appeared in an Ipswich court for sentence after sitting on his girlfriend and choking her in one of a series of disturbing attacks.

In another incident, the 29-year-old man threatened his partner with the barrel of a gun, saying he would kill her and her father.

Viliamu Faiaoga Wilson, 29, from Goodna, pleaded guilty to domestic violence offence charges including assault causing bodily harm; choking; suffocation; two charges of assault; threaten violence; and attempting to steal.

Wilson also pleaded guilty to 12 unrelated offences including two counts of being in possession of drugs; possession of drug utensils; possession of restricted drugs; possession of a weapon; and possession of ammunition.

Prosecutor Clayton Wallis said Wilson had previous offences involving violence, and the charges breached a sentence imposed by Brisbane District Court in 2019.

Mr Wallis said one incident involved Wilson getting on top of the woman and using his hands to squeeze her neck. She could not breathe and began coughing and gagging. Wilson punched her in the left cheek.

In another incident Mr Wallis said the woman told Wilson that - "if he was going to be a d***head she was going".

"This enraged him and he shut the bedroom door against her leg. She was crying that he was hurting her," Mr Wallis said.

"Two days later he repeatedly assaulted her. He kicked her on the ground.

"He grabbed a handful of her hair (while in a car) and punched the back of her head.

"He produced a shotgun. He said: 'You're f***ed. I'm going to shoot you and your father'."

Mr Wallis said police searched his house and located the barrel of a gun.

"It had all the effective appearance of a shotgun. It caused her fear," he said.

Mr Wallis said police also located drug smoking utensils, a methylamphetamine pipe and shotgun cartridges at his house.

Wilson had been on parole at the time and was returned to jail in January last year.

Mr Wallis said the woman's victim impact statement revealed the domestic violence offences had left her in a terrible emotional state and impacted on her finances.

Mr Wallis said the Crown was in agreement with the defence on what was the appropriate jail penalty.

Defence barrister Justin Thomas said Wilson had spent more than 400 days in custody since January last year.

Wilson was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia as a child. He worked in a meat works, as a welder, and more recently in demolition.

"He simply cannot explain his behaviour," Mr Thomas said.

"He had been using methylamphetamine at the time.

"He says of his conduct that he just lost it. He has been free of illicit drugs in custody."

Mr Thomas said Wilson was hospitalised in 2017 when he fell from a moving car and struck his head on the road.

He said it could be that his use of illicit substances had an effect on underlying issues of depression.

He said his issues with methylamphetamine use and anger management would likely benefit from a supervised penalty.

Wilson also instructed that he was actively involved in the care of his grandmother.

Mr Thomas  sought a jail term of 2 1/2 years that would take into account his existing sentence.

Judge Dennis Lynch QC gave more details of the Crown prosecution case, saying the woman had been on a bed when Wilson placed his knee in her back and squeezed her neck with both hands.

He pressed a singlet in her mouth causing her to cough and gag. When he let her go he punched her.

Judge Lynch said another incident occurred when he began pulling her hair.

There was a struggle over her bag when he demanded money. Wilson covered her mouth with his arm and she was unable to breathe or speak, and her vision went dark.

Other people stopped to assist her and take her away to safety.

"It is very serious choking, suffocation, with the potential to cause significant injury or worse. It could have easily killed her," Judge Lynch said.

"It is a serious level of disrespect.

"Sadly domestic violence is common in our community. It is completely unacceptable to think you can behave this way."

Judge Lynch sentenced Wilson to a 2 ½ year jail order, taking into account his existing sentence.

Wilson will be eligible to apply for parole from April 20.

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