A domestic violence offender has been jailed over a series of offences. He faces deportation upon his release.
A domestic violence offender has been jailed over a series of offences. He faces deportation upon his release.

DV monster demanded $35,000 from de facto

A MAN left a trail of emotional wreckage across two states due to his physical violence against four women.

An Ipswich court this week heard the man now faces the prospect of deportation.

In a Crown prosecution case before Ipswich District Court, the man was sentenced after pleading guilty to a series of domestic violence crimes including stalking committed against his most recent partner.

He made threats to burn her house down, demanded sex, and that she pay him $35,000 or he would put intimate images of her on the internet.

The court this week heard he carried through with his threat, and uploaded the images.

The woman, who is raising their child, sat in the public gallery with her mother observing the legal proceedings against her former de facto partner, who appeared in the dock from jail.

The 34-year-old man pleaded guilty to stalking the woman in the Ipswich area and use/threaten violence between May 2019 and April 2020; illegally visually recording a private act; choking the woman; and distributing a prohibited visual recording of the woman.

He also pleaded guilty to unrelated drug offences.

Crown prosecutor Cameron Wilkins said the man had relevant criminal history against women in both NSW and Queensland.

He said five previous domestic violence convictions in Queensland related to another woman, and his convictions recorded in NSW involved two other former partners.

"She is now the fourth," Mr Wilkins said.

He also outlined some details of the violence he committed in those previous domestic violence crimes.

His offences before the Ipswich court involved abusive phone calls, emails, sending the woman poems and flowers despite a no-contact order, and making threats to burn down her house and car.

He attacked her in a car by putting his hand around her neck and choking her, Mr Wilkins calling this a reckless and dangerous act.

"She was subjected to degrading verbal abuse," Mr Wilkins said.

"He demanded $35,000 and intercourse (in exchange) for an intimate video to not be released."

Mr Wilkins said the man will likely go into Immigration Detention, then be deported after serving his jail sentence.

The Crown sought a jail term of no less than three years. The man had already spent more than 9 ½ months in jail leading up to his sentence.

Defence barrister Justin Thomas said the man had an $18,000 debt, suffered anxiety, and faces deportation to Fiji although he had lived in Australia since the age of 14.

"It is inevitable that his visa must be cancelled. He will either have a trip to Fiji or alternatively be sitting in Immigration Detention hoping the Minister will overturn (his deportation)," Mr Thomas said.

Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren SC said it had been protracted stalking against the mother of his child, harassing her by telecommunications, and threatening to burn her house and car.

He said it was reprehensible that the man demanded money, threatening to post intimate footage on social media.

"And you did so," Judge Horneman-Wren said.

"The offending here has understandably had a profound effect on her. It is an account of a woman who could not stay with a violent and controlling man.

"The consequences will likely see you deported. It is apparent your female partners need to be protected from you."

The man was sentenced to a jail term of three years and three months, and to lesser concurrent jail terms of two years, 12 and nine months. The sentences will be suspended for five years after he serves 10 months.

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