Dumping doco left a very bad smell

I WAS appalled at what I saw and learnt on the Four Corners documentary on Monday.

Our town has been turned into a waste dump.

I have complained for years about putrid, acrid, burning smells.

There are chemical and ammonia smells in Bundamba.

I was told it was coming from the meatworks at Riverview.

My neighbours have suffered as well, mainly at night.

Four Corners has shocked me; how little I know about what is happening in my neck of the woods.

The council has told us nothing about this problem.

Thank goodness for those trying to monitor this toxic dumping in our back yard.

As a community, we need to send a very clear message at our next elections, that we Ipswich folk are not going to let our wonderful city become NSW's dumping ground.

The health and safety of our communities has been jeopardised, our eco-systems, and our environment have been polluted for economic gain.

To treat our communities with indifference and disregard in relation to this toxic dumping forces one to question motives, integrity, and transparency.

God help us all.



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