Gary Duffy
Gary Duffy

Duffy criticism shows he doesn’t understand

IN RELATION to QT 18.02, I cannot believe that mayoral candidate Duffy would question the mayor's attendance at a ballot draw.

To say that he was only 100m away surely implies that Mr Duffy must think that the mayor sits all day in his office.

Has Mr Duffy got the ticker, or even a clue, what a mayor does?

Paul Pisasale has more than enough runs on the board when it comes to community support and involvement.

For decades he has supported Ipswich and the growth and rise of this city, has come under his leadership.

The reason for his success, comes from leaving politics out of council, and serving the very people that elected him.

How can someone, who is not known in the community, take cheap shots at a successful mayor to further his own political future.

Mr Duffy, well done to attending the ballot draw, you clearly don't have much in your diary.

Why don't you roll your sleeves up and begin getting involved in the community, and maybe, after about 30 or so years, you could have a tilt at public office once you have some runs on the board?

Ipswich, we don't want people asking who that Duffer is in council?



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