Photo: Helen Munday, Facebook
Photo: Helen Munday, Facebook

Duck... duck... goose

THANK YOU to all our Facebook friends who took part in our weekend Caption this Photo comp.

A special mention to Aneeka Kai Little whose quip: "Duck ... duck... goose" was the most liked.

A thank you also goes to Helen Munday for this pic.

Here is a selection of some of our favourite one-liners.

Tom Stegeman: Local duck faces the music after being busted with 20 kilos of Quack.

Julie White: "And that is why chickens cross the road and not ducks..."

Nikki Keepingitreal Salvietti: "Boy, tell them girls we own the "duck lips""

Elise Marie: The face 98% of girls have on fb.

Jamie Manttan: "You looks despicable."

Franko Tadija Sunjich: "Who's the ugly duckling now!"

Jim Mac: "Orange! I'll show you orange!"

Scott Thomson: "That's quack-tastic!"

Chris Mitchell-Clare: "Did you know, weekends are always QUACK-tacular!, I am so looking forward to tomorrow, so bring me some bread tomorrow and make my day".

Brian Cairney: "I swear, there's no need for fowl language!"

Bob Watson: Local candidate meets potential voters.

Yvonne Barlow: "Good afternoon. I'm Curious Quacker. Where is your beak?"

Brooke Kilpatrick: "Not quite how I expected my ducklings to turn out, but I'll work with it.."

Fraudster dipped in to partner's account

Fraudster dipped in to partner's account

Police said there had been 27 transactions of $100, a total of $2700

Falcons foes are also old friends

Falcons foes are also old friends

Former Jets on the opposite side today.

Cutters loss driving Jets skipper

Cutters loss driving Jets skipper

Falcons pose stern test for Ipswich side.

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