Dry salt to be sent to Swanbank

DUMPING salt at Swanbank from its CSG project is the least preferred option, according to Arrow Energy.

The environmental impact study for Arrow Energy's Surat Gas Project has listed Swanbank as the nearest licensed site to dispose of brine produced when processing the gas.

However, a statement from Arrow Energy says the brine produced by the process will be evaporated to dry salt in western Queensland before being shipped to Swanbank via truck or rail.

An Arrow spokesman said the brine would be reduced before being transported to a dumping site such as Swanbank.

"Transporting dry salt to Swanbank is one of several disposal options, but it is Arrow's least preferred option," he said.

"Processing salt into useable products including table salt and soda ash is Arrow's preferred disposal option.

"Any disposal at regulated landfills, for example a facility similar to Swanbank, would involve regulated transport of dry salt after water treatment, not salty water. Arrow would use landfills that meet all strict environmental conditions and regulations.

"Using landfill is one of several disposal options being considered.

"If landfill was used, dry salt would be transported by regulated waste contractors by road or rail."

The Arrow spokesman said discussions were under way with other CSG producers to market the salt instead of dumping it.

"In the Surat Basin, Arrow and two other major CSG companies are also evaluating the potential for a combined salt recovery plant that could create marketable salt products," he said.

"Arrow is considering several options for managing salt, including our preferred option of processing for beneficial use, injection into an aquifer, pipeline to the ocean or disposal to regulated landfill."

The spokesman said the company expected to produce up to 3.5 million tonnes of salt over the next 30 years.

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