Drunk woman caught with pants down

AN Ipswich mother was arrested after yelling and being a nuisance because she had lost her pants.

Police were called to deal with the heavily intoxicated woman on Christmas Eve after she would not stop yelling.

When officers arrived at 2.20am, they found Christina Lee Dryden sitting in a car.

Even with all the windows closed, the officers could hear her loudly complaining about someone who had stolen her “pants and money”.

Ipswich Magistrate’s Court heard police removed Dryden from the car, only to discover she was wearing a top but no pants.

The officers discovered her pants on the footpath across the street.

Despite police presence, Dryden continued to abuse and swear at a witness, telling them they had stolen her pants and $150.

Dryden told police she was going to drive home but the officers said she was too drunk to drive.

“She told police there was nothing the police could do to stop her from driving,” prosecutor Sergeant Jo Colston said.

“They, however, arrested her for nuisance, and that has stopped her.”

Dryden, 23, struggled, but was subdued and finally arrested.

She spent four hours in the watch house before being released.

The mother-of-four, who appeared in court wearing a short black dress, black stockings and towering shiny, black open-toed heels, pleaded guilty to committing a public nuisance, obstructing police and failing to appear in court.

She was put on a $400 good behaviour bond for a period of four months.

No conviction was recorded.

Defence lawyer Alexis Oxley said her client, a single mother, had no criminal history and was extremely drunk on the night.

“She’d been consuming vodka and energy drinks,” Ms Oxley said.

“She was upset because she lost the money from her former partner who was also the father of her children.”

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