FILE: Hastings St by night.
FILE: Hastings St by night. Erle Levey

Drunk sentenced over nightclub security guard attack

A WOMAN who was kicked out of a Noosa nightclub but would not go home spat on a security guard and punched another in the face.

Yesterday Brooke Lola Sievers, 18, was given a nine-month suspended jail sentence and a two-year probation order and warned drinking and taking drugs would only make her personal problems worse.

The court heard Ms Sievers was kicked out of the Rolling Rock nightclub on Hastings St, just before 1am on July 16.

She hurled abuse at security guards who escorted her to the boundary of the Bay Village shopping centre, spat on one security guard's chest, and when another security guard stopped her from trying to re-enter the nightclub through the back entrance, she punched him in the face.

After being arrested she spat in the police vehicle, and at the watchhouse in Maroochydore hurled abuse at police officers and threatened to harm their families.

Yesterday the young Noosaville woman pleaded guilty to nine charges, including assault occasioning bodily harm in public while intoxicated and committing public nuisance in the vicinity of a licensed premises.

Solicitor Ben Rynderman said Ms Sieviers had struggled with depression for some years, and had been targeted and bullied in jail during the 38 days she was remanded over these crimes.

He said she had stopped drinking since going into custody and later being released on bail.

Magistrate Rod Madsen said Siever's sentence would give her the chance to deal with her problems with help and supervision.

"I think your prospects for the future are wavering on the precipice," he said.

"... they'll only be good if you can overcome these problems.

"... using drugs, getting extremely drunk doesn't make dealing with any of those problems any easier - it makes them really hard."

Sievers' prison sentence will hang over her head for 18 months.

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