Drug maker ‘sick of dirty drugs’ court told

AN ICE user was so sick and tired of dirty drugs that he simply decided to make his own, an Ipswich court has heard.

Not only was his misguided attempt a result of concern at the quality of drugs sourced on the street, but done to avoid people in the drug underworld.

Joel Bliesner was caught on the day he first tried to produce methylamphetamine.

Appearing before Ipswich District Court, Joel Ronald Bliesner, 31, from Brassall, pleaded guilty to producing dangerous drugs (methylamphetamine) in Brassall on July 18, 2019; possession of dangerous drugs (cannabis); and possession of drug utensils.

The Crown prosecution case sought a jail term of between 15 and 21 months with parole after he served four months.

He had spent one day and 21 hours held in custody.

Defence barrister Stephen Kissick said Bliesner was sick and tired of dirty drugs being sold so he decided to make them for himself and a friend.

"The court will find modest circumstances of commerciality," Mr Kissick said.

"He began his attempt to produce methylamphetamine to avoid associating with people he would meet in jail if sent there this afternoon (by the court)."

"He is doing his best to not use drugs. Instructs that he has not used since being charged."

Mr Kissick said Bliesner said he had no cravings for methylamphetamine and was on a suboxone drug program, with his efforts showing real prospects of rehabilitation.

He sought immediate parole on the grounds that jail would not serve ongoing efforts of drug rehabilitation.

Judge Orazio Rinaudo said the facts in the Crown case revealed Bliesner told police at his home that he had a drug lab in the bathroom.

An illicit drug lab team attended and found instructions on producing methylamphetamine, iodine, burner glassware, and 12 empty blister packets of cold and flu tablets.

A bowl held cannabis and a water pipe.

"You said it took four hours to set up. The clandestine lab, it was in a pseudoephedrine distillation process," Judge Rinaudo said.

"The total weight of the pseudoephedrine was 2.06 grams.

"You were forthcoming to police. Told officers you had been a junkie your whole life and thought you could save money.

"You were concerned by poor quality of drugs on the street so decided to make your own to benefit you and friends."

Judge Rinaudo said Bliesner told investigating officers it took a couple of months to prepare and that he only began using the drug equipment that day.

He noted Bliesner's early plea of guilty, complete co-operation with police, the circumstances of the case, his ongoing efforts at rehabilitation, and the current issues (affecting jails) of COVID-19.

He said admissions by Bliesner that he intended to produce for himself and friends gave the production charge "a tinge of commerciality".

Bliesner was convicted and sentenced to 15-months jail with immediate parole.

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