Duo found in car 'coma' with baby

A WOMAN and her partner were found passed out in a drug-induced coma in their locked car as their eight-month-old baby daughter screamed in the back seat.

Police received calls about a couple slumped over the steering wheel and dashboard at Bismark St, Loganholme, in a locked vehicle as an infant screamed in the back.

The 31-year-old mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, and her partner were unable to be roused by police despite repeated attempts.

The woman, who was in the passenger seat, had an uncapped syringe filled with clear liquid on her lap. Officers noted the keys were in the ignition of the car and it was turned on.

When they finally woke the couple, the woman denied the syringe, which was filled with methamphetamine, was hers.

The Queensland Ambulance Service attended and the child was taken to hospital for observation.

The couple was transported to the watchhouse and ordered to appear in court, but the woman fled to Ipswich and was arrested in Churchill on Monday.

She appeared from custody at Ipswich Magistrates Court on Wednesday and pleaded guilty to possessing dangerous drugs and utensils, and breaching bail.

Defence lawyer Alexis Oxley accepted the woman had a significant history for drug offences but said she had not been in trouble since 2010.

Ms Oxley said her client had been using heroin since she was 15 years old but had stopped three years ago and was being treated for depression.

The court heard the woman had three children who were being looked after by her aunt in Churchill but the Department of Child Safety was considering action to take the children into foster care.

Magistrate Michael Quinn said a significant aggravating feature of the offence was the couple had been left in charge of an infant and while under the influence of drugs had neglected it in the back seat.

"There was a young child in your care screaming while you and your partner were unconscious - you put that child at risk," Mr Quinn told the woman.

Mr Quinn said a significant penalty must be imposed to deter the woman from further offending and to protect the community.

The woman was sentenced to four months prison and released on immediate parole. Her partner was dealt with on Tuesday.

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