'My lawyer didn't tell me that': Drug driver's court shock

CONVICTED drug driver Blair Christopher Cooper has told an Ipswich court he was trying to leave his bad past behind when he couldn't remember a jail sentence imposed on him for previous offending.

Cooper, 27, pleaded guilty to driving when the drugs methylamphetamine and marijuana were found in his system at Howard on October 2 last year.

Prosecutor Sergeant Chris O'Neill said Cooper tested positive at 9.43am in a saliva analysis.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess told Cooper he was in trouble because the court file showed he was on a suspended 12-month jail sentence at the time.

"My lawyer didn't tell me that," Cooper said.

"I've come a long way since then. My missus is 36 weeks pregnant and I've got a job as a machine operator.

"It's in the past. Got to change at some point."

However, Ms Sturgess said it was not that far in the past, and he had tested positive to drugs.

"I didn't realise I was on a suspended sentence," Cooper said.

"Yes, you received 12 months' jail, suspended for three years, in the Toowoomba Magistrates' Court in August 2017 (drug offences)," Ms Sturgess informed him.

"I did jail time for that. I went to jail for them charges," Cooper said.

"I can't remember when I got out.

"Ring my lawyer, ask her."

However, it was revealed by Sgt O'Neill that Cooper spent time in jail but for previous offences.

Cooper then remembered his time inside."I got caught with pills. I was remanded in custody, did 4½ months".

"Is it coming back to you now?" Ms Sturgess asked.

"Sorry, I've got bad memory," Cooper said.

"I'm trying to leave my past behind me."

Cooper said his girlfriend's pregnancy was not 36 weeks and she was actually two days overdue.

"And I don't have a car anymore which I crashed," he said.

Ms Sturgess said he was supposed to be on his best behaviour when on a suspended jail sentence and not taking drugs.

Ms Sturgess said she would not activate the suspended jail term but extend its three-year operation by a month.

Cooper was fined $300 and disqualified for three months.

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