Drug driver caught twice in three weeks

A DRIVER busted behind the wheel of his car just minutes after smoking meth, had been charged just three weeks before with a drug-driving offence.

Albert Mark Soe, also known as Albert Mark Tugavao, 30, from Albany Creek, pleaded guilty to six drug-related offences when he went before Ipswich Magistrates Court. The two drug-driving offences occurred on June 24 at Redbank Plains and Booval on July 20.

Prosecutor Sergeant Nicholas Turnbull said Soe/Tugavao, tested positive to having methylamphetamine and marijuana in his system on June 24 when police intercepted his car for a random test.

Then police saw him driving at 4.20pm on July 20 and spoke to him in a McDonald's car park.

"Says he smoked meth in his car 20 minutes before from a glass pipe," Sgt Turnbull said.

Police searched his car and a clip seal bag held a crystal substance that weighed .29 of a gram. Soe/Tugavao, said it was meth that he smoked to help his depression.

A glass pipe that was found had burnt residue on it. In a storage compartment of the car three clip seal bags were found and a sliver coloured spoon. Soe/Tugavao said the bags had held meth which he'd already used.

Sgt Turnbull said uncapped syringes/needles were also found that Soe/Tugavao said he'd used to inject meth then forgot were there.

A saliva test was positive to methylamphetamine.

Defence lawyer Michael Kelly said methylamphetamine use had not been a significant part of his life until becoming an issue more recently.

Magistrate Donna MacCallum said his offending was at the stage where jail terms would be an option, with Soe/Tugavao on a slippery slope if he persisted. She noted he'd been convicted of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, saying he should have learned a lesson from that.

Ms MacCallum convicted and fined him $1200, or 11 days' jail. He was disqualified from driving for six months.

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