SECURE your load or cop a fine.

That is the message from Queensland Police following a recent incident where a police car was almost hit by a piece of corrugated iron falling off a loaded trailer in Ipswich.

Queensland Police say the driver copped a $243 fine from police, who were following the vehicle after the rubbish flew off their unsecured load on the Warrego Hwy.

Under the Queensland load restraint requirements, any load carried on or in your vehicle or trailer must:

Not be placed in a way that makes your vehicle unstable or unsafe

Be secured so it won't move in any way that makes your vehicle unstable or unsafe

Be secured so it does not fall from your vehicle while driving - including driving consisting of emergency braking or turning suddenly

Not project from your vehicle in a way that is likely to injure a person, obstruct the path of other drivers or pedestrians, or damage another vehicle or anything else

Be restrained using an appropriate load restraint method.

According to the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), if you don't restrain a load properly you might cause an accident, injury or death if:

Objects fall from your vehicle on to other traffic or pedestrians

Other drivers swerve to dodge items that are falling or have fallen from your vehicle

Loads that have spilled onto the road cause other vehicles to skid and lose control

Unsecured loads crash into your vehicle cabin during emergency braking

Loads that shifts and contributes to your car becoming unstable or unsafe.

If you don't secure your load properly you may get a fine or, for a serious breach, be prosecuted in court.

Queensland Police shared footage of the incident on their Facebook page to promote their Christmas road safety campaign.

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