Getaway driver unaware Ipswich pub robbery turned violent

IN COURT: A 34-year-old man has admitted to his role in an armed robbery at Goodna in 2015.
IN COURT: A 34-year-old man has admitted to his role in an armed robbery at Goodna in 2015. Contributed

THE man who drove the get-away car from a violent robbery at a Goodna pub told police he thought he was helping a drug deal.

Dylan Mark Stewart, 34, knew the three people involved in robbing the Falvey Hotel in March 2015 through his then partner, and later told authorities he was unaware of what was happening inside the pub.

Stewart dropped off two of his co-accused at 5.15am on March 19 and waited in the car as cleaner Darren Maloney, who has since passed away, was violently manhandled and threatened with a gun.

A pistol was pressed to the 49-year-old's back before Stewart's three co-accused made off with $19,133 in a backpack and a bottle of rum.

Ipswich District Court yesterday heard co-accused Anthony 'Chook' Fowler worked at the business before the robbery and knew of Mr Maloney's strict routine.

The court heard Stewart was involved through a "misguided sense of loyalty to a person he was close to".

Defence lawyer Stephen Kissick told the court Stewart never saw the men again after he dropped them off that night.

"It would not suggest he is suddenly heading into a sphere of robbers," Mr Kissick said.

Stewart pleaded guilty to a string of offences including serious assault, robbery, robbery in company and 15 drug and property offences.

The court heard he made offers to sell cannabis and marijuana over a nine day period prior to August 2016 to "get food and something for himself".

Stewart was sentenced to a head sentence of 35 months imprisonment wholly suspended after three months for four years and two years probation.

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