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Driver cops $300 fine after coming up short at stop sign

NEAR enough is not good enough when you are six metres behind a stop sign line, as a Bokarina driver has learned.

Timothy John Evans, 26, contested a charge of failing to stop at a line before entering an intersection in the Maroochydore Magistrates Court yesterday.

Mr Evans told the court that he had stopped at the intersection of Albany St and Claymore Rd, Sippy Downs, on April 25 last year for a skateboarder who had fallen towards the road.

He estimated that he was six or seven metres behind the white line when he stopped.

He said he checked for traffic and saw a police car about 200m away, and then decided it was safe to go and drove through the intersection, doing about 10kmh.

Mr Evans quoted from a traffic operations manual which said a driver must stop before but as close as practical to a stop line at a stop sign.

But Magistrate Annette Hennessy found that Mr Evans could have stopped closer to the line than he did.

"Whether or not the boy was there is by the by," she said.

"Having stopped six to seven metres back, you should have stopped when at the stop sign," she said.

Ms Hennessy said that nobody was put in any danger as a result of Mr Evans' actions

She noted that the stop sign had been now switched to a giveway sign.

She fined him $300 - the same as a ticket - and ordered he pay about $75 in court costs.

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