Downing the beer of your town

The new XXXX Origins beer features Gatton on the label.
The new XXXX Origins beer features Gatton on the label.

IT'S always nice when the day's delivery of mail includes a nice little box full of beers with my name on it.

A few weeks back, out of the blue, the nice folk at the Milton brewery sent me their latest creation - some kind of beer with the names of various Queensland towns on it.

I was a bit puzzled when I opened the box to see the word "Gatton" proudly emblazoned accross the front of the bottle.

Apparently there are 36 Queensland towns to be featured as part of this so-called "Origins" series.

I guess you could call it a gimmick to get Queenslanders like you and me accustomed to the idea that we sort of own XXXX beer - well at least until the point where you try to walk out of Dan Murphy's without paying for that carton.

The beer itself wasn't bad. I'm no beer afficionado, so I had to ask the publicity girl the difference between this stuff and XXXX Bitter.

The actual difference is not much. Origins is what they call a crisp lager with Saaz hops - whatever that means.

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