PROGRESS: Elizah Swan in 2013 and her now after losing 38kg.
PROGRESS: Elizah Swan in 2013 and her now after losing 38kg.

‘Don’t over think it’: Elizah’s inspiring 38kg weight loss

LEAVING the decade 38 kilos lighter with new outlook on life, Elizah Swan now hopes she can inspire others with their own journey.

Ms Swan who has been living in Roma for the past five years knows losing weight and getting healthy can be daunting, so she became a wellness coach to ensure no-one had to brave it alone.

“I remember feeling lonely and like I had no support. Nobody to cheer me on or listen when I faced an obstacle,” Ms Swan said.

“There’s also so much conflicting information out there in the diet and fitness industry that I felt really overwhelmed. I had no idea where to start or what would work for me.

“I had tried many diets and programs over about seven years and I just seemed to fall off the wagon and feel like a bit of a failure. I was sick of it.

“But I had to do something about my weight, as it was starting to impact my health.”

In 2013, Ms Swan decided to take a different approach and shift her focus towards long term health, rather than instant results.

“It meant that the weight loss would take longer but in the end, speed doesn’t matter, forward is forward,” she said.

“My weight loss took about 3 years for the first 30kgs, and slower since then.”

The journey hasn’t been without its difficulties, but the benefits including an abundance of energy, better sleep, feeling stronger and fitter and improved relationships has made it more than worth it for Elizah.

“I literally just take it one step at a time – one healthy choice after another, and if I want to celebrate and have drinks and/or cake, I make that decision consciously,” she said.

“It’s all about balance, and not depriving myself of the things I enjoy. As for exercise, it took about two years for me to start enjoying it, but since then I’ve stayed consistent and it’s paid off.”

While Ms Swan did initially have a goal weight in mind, she came to realise it was unrealistic and started realising the non scale victories are the most satisfying such as improved self confidence.

“I learnt that sometimes our body doesn’t lose the weight in the way we think it will, so learning to accept that as part of the process, is an important part,” she said

Ms Swan says the best way to begin your journey and avoid temptations is to plan your week out in advance, with both meals and workouts.

“That way I can do a solid grocery shop and always have the ingredients for a meal on hand and also, LOTS of good snacks, so I’m not (as) tempted by chips and chocolate,” she said.

“My other tip for people who want to make changes is, just start. Don’t overthink it.”

Ms Swan says while it is easy to get sucked into the “Roma Coma,” adapting a healthy lifestyle in a country town is still achievable.

“I think if you’re just starting out, it helps to go and do something with a friend – whether it’s a walk or a class, it will ease you in and keep you accountable,” she said.

“In terms of nutrition, I think Roma has a pretty good selection of healthy options. I think it all just comes down to motivation.”

Elizah encourages anyone who is struggling to find their own motivation to seek that extra help.

“I struggled on my own, so that’s why I became a coach. It helps a lot to have someone who understands and can support and guide you,” she said.

If you would like to contact Elizah for her help as a wellness coach, click here

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