Don’t make it easy for the night creatures

THEY usually have never worked a day in their life. They bombed out at school because most of the time they were bombed out of their heads and they don't give a damn for anyone other than themselves.

Meet the night creatures. The hoods who roam the streets in the dark looking for easy pickings.

It doesn't matter whether you lock your car or not, if it doesn't have an alarm they are in and out grabbing anything of value in minutes.

The wallet left in the glove box, the iPad on the back seat are all snatched and then sold off for a pittance.

The money they scrounge out will be used by these hoods to buy another packet of cigarettes or a carton of beer to keep them in comfort as they watch TV all day.

On Monday night they struck in Railway St, Booval and the unfortunate victim was the Rogers family. As a result a single mum and her five children will wake up on Christmas morning to nothing.

The unfortunate thing about this editorial is that none of the offenders will ever read it or hear of it.

They don't care about the community; they are the vermin that we need to rid ourselves of.

Don't make it easy for them, lock your cars, take out valuable items and put in a sensor light at your home.

If you see them walking the shadows in the early morning hours give the police a quick call, they'd love to go and say hi.

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