Don't be blind to the fiscal mess we are currently battling

THE anniversary of Remembrance Day 2009, for Gympie and the Mary River, is a reminder of how power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely in politics.

Thank goodness for democracy!

The Traveston Dam would have been a travesty.

The buying up of properties in the Mary Valley, in anticipation that it would go ahead, was premature and came back to bite them, when it was environmentally illegal.

No checks first; just like a bull at a gate!

How State Labor premiers and their union counterparts and backers can get it so wrong every time, is their legacy.

Queensland's escalating debt and deficit which we will never see in surplus in our time, is a painful reminder of the Labor years of yore and a warning to the present voters who put their faith in Labor's current leadership.

Labor is fiscally reckless and immune to the effects of escalating interest on debt. It has its own agenda to spend, spend, spend, irrespective of commonsense and economic intelligence.

It has crippled our national credit rating and put Australia in a debt cycle which, like a whirlpool, leads us down a very precarious fiscal future.

Will we ever recover?

To drought-proof south-east Queensland their way, was not a good idea!

Water levels from the set dams were already adequate, as is the Baroon Dam's current status. Consumers turned to tanks and reducing water consumption as their own contribution to the so-called crisis.

The desalination plans of the Bligh Government, now a white elephant, has to be paid for by innocents who never had a say in its creation.

Like gold-plating the electricity network, this was another "snafu" knee-jerk reaction to what Labor considered necessary to counter estimated demands of the future, without wise counsel.

The people themselves modified usage and the crisis passed.

Now Beattie has been paid well for his contribution by an endless generous taxpayer contribution to his retirement and Bligh has won a lucrative NSW government job, leaving us all with the consequences of their poor decision-making schemes.

Making the public pay dearly now for rising water and electricity charges, only adds insult to injury.

E. ROWE Marcoola

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