Northsiders' hat-trick taker Dom Salton. Picture: Cordell Richardson
Northsiders' hat-trick taker Dom Salton. Picture: Cordell Richardson

Dom’s first hat-trick in incredible 111 year feat

HAVING two first division hat-tricks on the same day is rare at the best of times.

As stand-in Centrals captain and Ipswich cricket historian Wayne Jones declared, the latest feat could be the first in 111 years.

Northsiders talent Dom Salton and in-form Laidley bowler Liam Dean both savoured the sensation of snaring three wickets in three balls during Saturday's Cricket Ipswich matches.

Salton secured his hat-trick at Sternberg Oval by cleaning up the Marburg Mt Crosby tail in consecutive deliveries. His victims were Aaron Nugter, Blayde Glass and Ray Coleman as Thunder were dismissed for 194.

Salton finished with 5/61 off his 23.1 overs.

After taking two wickets battling hard the previous week, he added his first hat-trick at any level of cricket played over more than 12 years.

"As a bowler, you dream of getting five-fors (five wickets in an innings) but I don't think it really crosses your mind to get a hat-trick,'' Salton, 23, said.

"I've never got a hat-trick.

"It was difficult to describe the emotion.

"You just run in and bowl I suppose. I wasn't really thinking too much about it.

"I just wanted to get the last wicket as quick as I could so we could have a bat and go and get the runs.''

However, reflecting on his achievement today, he clearly enjoyed his reward.

"It was a special milestone,'' Salton said.

"It's a nice little touch to the day I suppose.''

Salton used the new ball to advantage, wrapping up the innings in the morning session.

"We just stuck to our plans, bowling full stump line and they just nicked it I suppose,'' he said.

When hearing Dean also created a historic feat, Salton answered: "That's awesome.''

Northsiders bowler Dom Salton cleaned up the Marburg Mt Crosby Thunder tail in style at Keith Sternberg Oval. Picture: Rob Williams
Northsiders bowler Dom Salton cleaned up the Marburg Mt Crosby Thunder tail in style at Keith Sternberg Oval. Picture: Rob Williams

Dean finished with 4/63 off his 20 overs, a week after taking seven wickets in the same match against Brothers.

He shattered the Brothers top order of Regan Griffiths, Xavier Vasta and accomplished all-rounder Craig Cumming, who has returned to first division cricket after helping the club's lower grade teams in recent seasons.

DEAN THE DESTROYER: Laidley spearhead in shattering form

Laidley fast bowler Liam Dean added a hat-trick to his bowling feats in recent weeks. Picture: Gary Reid
Laidley fast bowler Liam Dean added a hat-trick to his bowling feats in recent weeks. Picture: Gary Reid

Competition leaders Laidley completed an outright victory by 10 wickets at Bichel Oval.

Captain Alex Welsh finished 103 not out as Laidley declared at 2/266 in that two-day encounter.

Dean and Salton are up with the competition's leading wicket-takers this season, also including Laidley skipper Welsh.

Jones said previous first division  hat-tricks on the same day were achieved on November 15, 1902, January 3, 1903 and October 23, 1909.

Salton has played in all but one game for the Tigers this season.Northsiders' latest victory keeps them in second spot and able to control their finals destiny with two rounds to go.

Salton said senior player Kev Cumming was the only Tigers cricketer to have played in a four-day Ipswich competition grand final.

Northsiders play Laidley next before a final qualifying game against Brothers.

"Hopefully we can nudge a good win against Laidley and go past them,'' Salton said.

"At the moment, we just want to win every game and get to that final.

"We're all pushing hard to get in that final.

"The motivation to get in is quite high I would say.''

However, Jones said the Kookaburras still had plenty to play for against Brothers and Thunder despite Northsiders holding the upper hand.

"We need to win every game,'' Jones said, happy his team gained extra bonus points by beating the Redbacks.

"We can only do what we can do and hope Norths slip up.''

With regular skipper Lachlan Vellacott joining the Ipswich Hornets Second Division side, the ever-dependable Jones to over the leadership reins.

He scored a valuable 66, guiding the Kookaburras to 9 (dec) 204 at Mark Marsh Oval.

"We're struggling with the bat. That's been the problem,'' he said. "That's probably why we're sitting in third.''

A handy late innings knock of 44 not out by Brendan Ashton also proved crucial.

"He just teed off and got lucky,'' Jones said. "He played really well in that sense.''

The Redbacks were 7/106 in their second innings.

Centrals closed the gap by two points on Northsiders.

Centrals opener and stand-in captain Wayne Jones. Picture: Gary Reid
Centrals opener and stand-in captain Wayne Jones. Picture: Gary Reid

The four-day grand final is at Walker Oval, starting next month.

Jones said injuries, unavailability and missing key bonus points had hurt Centrals at the wrong stage of the season as teams like Laidley and Northsiders fielded stable sides.

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Cricket Ipswich

Northsiders v Marburg Mt Crosby Thunder at Sternberg Oval

Thunder 1st Innings (resuming at 6/186)

Lee Watts c Pollock b Harsant 63 (184)

Aaron Nugter b Salton 20 (68)

Blayde Klass c Pollock b Salton 0 (1)

Ray Coleman c Krings b Salton 0 (1)

Thomas Hall not out 0 (2)

Total 194

FoW: ...194, 194, 194, 194

Bowling: Dom Salton 23.1/6/61/5 (including a hat-trick); Mitch Harsant 23/9/31/3.

Northsiders 1st Innings

Stephen Humphreys c Armstrong b Coleman 31 (40)

Luke Pollock c Coleman b Hall 34 (35)

Corey Flood c N. Raine b T. Nugter 28 (76)

Nick Verrenkamp c N. Raine b Klass 20 (67)

Shane Krings lbw Klass 27 (61)

Mitch Harsant c Armstrong b Klass 0 (1)

Cody Danziel c T. Nugter b Hall 27 (61)

Markus Brits c M. Raine b N. Raine 22 (55)

Dom Salton b Armstrong 28 (41)

Kev Cumming c N. Raine b Watts 27 (19)

Dominic Greensill not out 0 (0)

Extras (18b 2lb 2w 2nb) 24

Total (70.5ov) 244

FoW: 68, 75, 110, 115, 115, 148, 174, 200, 240, 244

Bowling: Blayde Klass 14/3/39/3; Tobias Nugter 10/1/40/1; Ray Coleman 17/7/38/1; Thomas Hall 12/1/46/1; Joel Mitchell 11/1/23/0; Nick Raine 2/0/12/1; Mitch Raine 2/0/14/0; Lee Watts 2/0/8/1; Braydon Armstrong 0.5/0/4/1.

Northsiders win by passing Thunder's first inning total.

Laidley District v Brothers at Bichel Oval

Brothers 1st Innings 98

Laidley 1st Innings (resuming at 2/170)

Alex Welsh not out 103

Michael Sippel not out 53

Extras (1b 2lb 7w 1nb) 11

Total (46ov) 2 (dec) 266

FoW: 37, 163

Bowling: Paddy Towne 4/0/27/1; Lachlan Bilyj 13/3/75/1; Craig Mackay 14/5/41/0; Daniel Trevorrow 2/0/17/0; Mick Conway 4/0/34/0; Regan Griffiths 4/0/28/0; Craig Cumming. 6/0/41/0

Brothers 2nd Innings

Regan Griffiths c Cubit b Dean 4

Lachlan Griffiths c Ilka b Dean 8

Xavier Vasta c Sippel b Dean 0(1)

Craig Cumming c Ilka b Dean 0(1)

Jacob Sarra lbw Crack 2

Zac Proffke st Ilka b Welsh 25

Daniel Trevorrow c Sippel b Welsh 36

Hayden Walker c&b Welsh 0

Lachlan Bilyj c Sippel b Welsh 53

Paddy Towne not out 30

Mick Conway lbw Sippel 10

Extras (4b 4lb) 8

Total (55.2ov) 176

FoW: 8, 8, 8, 19, 23, 82, 82, 101, 155, 176

Bowling: Liam Dean 20/8/63/4 (including a hat-trick); Craig Crack 9/6/9/1; Jared Adamski 2/0/13/0; Michael Sippel 2.2/2/0/1; Alex Welsh 16/1/71/4; Josh Reisenleiter 6/0/12/0.

Laidley 2nd Innings

Jared Adamski not out 8 (6)

Josh Reisenleiter not out 0 (0)

Extras (1w) 1

Total (1ov) 0/9

Bowling: Paddy Towne 1/0/9/0.

Laidley win outright by 10 wickets


Central Districts v South East Redbacks at Limestone Park

Redbacks 1st Innings 146

Centrals 1st Innings

Wayne Jones c Acutt b Chandler 66 (116)

Cameron Osborne b Hamilton 13 (45)

Caleb Risson c Ross b Hamilton 17 (37)

Tim Weber c Ross b Hoffman 18 (27)

Harry Dobson run out (Chandler) 3 (6)

Dave Tyler lbw Hoffman 4 (2)

Michael Abbott b Kammholz 0 (4)

Braydon Osborne not out 20 (40)

Rhys O'Sullivan c Ross b Berg 6 (20)

Alex Dell lbw Berg 4 (3)

Brendan Ashton not out 44 (26)

Extras (6lb 2w 1nb) 9

Total (55ov) 9 (dec) 204

FoW: 34, 79, 114, 119, 124, 125, 126, 144

Bowling: Anju Perera 17/3/69/0; Daniel Hamilton 13/3/39/2; Callum Chandler 7/2/27/1; Kris Hoffman 7/0/23/2; Lachlan Kammholz 1/0/2/1; Nick Berg 6/1/24/2; Shane Ross 2/0/16/0.

Redbacks 2nd Innings

Kyle Ladlay lbw Tyler 44

Lochana Shalanka c&b Jones 4 (4)

Anju Perera b O'Sullivan 17 (27)

Callum Chandler b O'Sullivan 0 (11)

Ethan Acutt st Weber b C.Osborne 22

Shane Ross c Jones b Dobson 10 (6)

Lachlan Kammholz b Dobson 0 (1)

Kris Hoffman not out 3 (18)

Extras (3lb 2w 1nb) 6

Total (35.3ov) 7/106

FoW: 18, 45, 54, 56, 97, 97, 106

Bowling: Wayne Jones 7/0/18/1; Rhys O'Sullivan 8/2/27/2; Brendan Ashton 6/0/18/0; Alex Dell 2/0/3/0; Dave Tyler 3/0/21/1; Mick Abbott 1/0/6/0; Harry Dobson 4/2/3/2; Braydon Osborne 2/2/0/0; Cameron Osborne 1.3/0/7/1.

Centrals win by one wicket when passed target.

2nd Division

Laidley 8 (dec) 264 & 1/82 defeated Brothers 214.

Thunder 8 (dec) 285 - Zane Hogan 96, Robin Liney 110 drew with Northsiders 7/245 - Troy Noe 59, Chris Butt 27, Brendan Croker 71*, Ash McPaul 19, Nick Drain 16, Greig Cumming 14*; Nathan Turner 23/11/46/2, Ryan Harrison 2/28(7), Pete Whelan 2/43(13), Jai Rose 1/24 (6),

Centrals 250 - Dan Smith 21, Tom Cupit 14, Mitch Gardner 46, Joel Teske 25, Connor Whittett 29, Steve Ihle 20, Callum Johnson 31, Irfan Sagri 41; Matt Smith 21/8/47/5, Greg Schlenert 1/50 (7) Matt Baker 1/46 (16), Leighton Muller 1/28 (2), Tim Basham 1/0 (0.1) defeated Redbacks 161 - Tim Basham 25, Jason Andrew 32, Leighton Muller 39*, Greg Schlenert 17; Daniel Warner 13/5/34/3, Callum Johnson 2/16(7), Mathew Burgemeister 1/9(3), Tom Cupit 10.1/0/54/4 & 7/154 - Cameron Gillanders 23, Matt Baker 23, Tony McDonald 56; Irfan Sagri 1/4(2), Tom Cupit 2/42(8), Matt Hayes 8/0/52/4.

3rd Division

Laidley 4/189 (31.4) - Andrew Luck 38 (53), Matthew Caswell 30 (50), Joseph Plater 62* (46), Tony Noffke 14 (16), David Jensen 10* (14); Warren Kemp 1/20 (5), Jon Moss 2/40 (7), Ben Brown 1/17 (2.4) defeated Redbacks 187 (35.3) - Jan Petterson 21(38), K. Ash 10 (5), Warren Kemp 39 (28), Morgan 14 (16), Ben Brown 20*(42), Gary Copeland 22(22); Finn Litzow 1/25(6.3), Scott McGrath 2/45 (7), Josh Dean 1/36 (8), Andrew Luck 8/0/47/5.

Bundamba Strollers White defeated Thunder; Strollers Blue defeated Northsiders by six wickets.

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