DOMESTIC SCIENCE: Ipswich Technical College was the first in Queensland to offer a domestic school.
DOMESTIC SCIENCE: Ipswich Technical College was the first in Queensland to offer a domestic school. CONTRIBUTED

Young women taught to clean, cook, sew and care for infants

AN ARTICLE in The Queensland Times of January 23, 1915, relates the fact that, "In connection with the Ipswich Technical College, a domestic school for girls is to be opened there in February."

This was the first experiment of its kind in Queensland.

The domestic school was to be on the top floor of the Technical College building at the corner of Limestone and Ellenborough Sts.

Provision was being made for 40 state scholarship pupils and 10 paying pupils, who would be required to pay six pounds six shillings per year.

Miss F.M. Henry had been appointed teacher in charge of the domestic science subjects, Miss J.B. Cran assistant teacher, Miss Jessie A. Field general education and science subjects, Dr Mervyn Patterson would give lectures on ambulance work, home nursing and the care of infants, while principal Mr R.A. Wearne B.A. would assist with science subjects and have general control of the school.

School time would be from 9.30am until 4pm and all materials required would be supplied by the college.

Practical work was to be done in the morning and all cooking would be disposed of at noon luncheon to a limited number of patrons.

The whole of the floor space of the upper storey was to be turned into a model household, with dining, sitting and bedrooms, also kitchen, laundry and pantry.

Instructions were to be given in every room and included cookery, laundry, plain sewing and darning, the management and care of infants, English, arithmetic, geography, hygiene etc.

This would be the first school of its kind established in Queensland.


The Department of Agriculture desires that it should be understood that the seed of golden and black wattle trees, which is now being distributed by the department, is to be for the benefit only of those persons whose object is to grow wattle trees for the production of tanning bark.

The seed is not intended for the use of people who desire wattles for ornamental purposes and consequently residents of towns need not apply for the seed. (Public Notice in the Queensland Times of January 17, 1915.)


In early 1915, the official "Eye Witness" attached to the headquarters of the British Expeditionary Force recorded the following:

At one point not far from our own line where the French and German trenches are sufficiently close together for the occupants to converse, the French recently asked "Borsches" where the emperor was. The answer was that the Germans did not know, whereupon the French replied that their president was actually going to visit them in the trenches.

"When?" was the eager inquiry. "Oh tomorrow somewhere about midday," was the equally innocent answer.

At the appointed time, to the strains of the Marseillaise played on a gramophone, a top hat on a stick was slowly marched down the trenches so as occasionally to show above the parapet.

The wastage of German ammunition which took place is described as colossal.


The Ipswich Bethel of the International Order of Jobs Daughters was instituted on August 6, 1955.

Office bearers were Honoured Queen Ray Sonter, Senior Princess Joan Sonter and Junior Princess Janice Wilson.

The Ipswich Bethel was the fifth such institution in Australia.


The new abattoir at Dinmore started operations on July 27, 1955. When in full production it would handle 1000 carcases a week. The meat was for export, interstate and local markets.


Ten Mile Swamp on Harrisville Rd was referred to as the "leg-o-mutton" in December 1936.


On September 18, 1847, the town of Ipswich was officially declared to be a place at which spirits may be sold in quantities of not less than two gallons, which meant the wholesale trade was approved.

That was considered to be a move for the advancement of the town because the squatters could obtain their supplies in Ipswich instead of going to Brisbane for them.

Driver's hidden pot stash for 'pain relief'

premium_icon Driver's hidden pot stash for 'pain relief'

She reminded him self-medicating with marijuana was against the law

Boy, 14, charged over supermarket armed robbery

Boy, 14, charged over supermarket armed robbery

Two shop attendants were allegedly threatened with a knife

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