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Dodrill defends ethics and record after attack

I WOULD like to respond to the Letter to the Editor from Steve Paulsen 02/03/2016.

Mr Paulsen is wrong on all accounts. He has made no attempt to communicate with me on any of the matters that he has expressed.

Firstly, there has been no change of attitude by me in relation to the Cleanaway New Chum Landfill or its operators.

A quick read of the minutes of the latest CRG meetings with the dump operators, ICC and DEHP will clearly reveal this to any reasonable person.

At the February 22 meeting, for example, I am on the record stating my firm opposition to the Cells 3 and 4 expansion of the landfill.

Secondly, I have never run a "scare campaign".

If Mr Paulsen bothered to check his facts, he will find that I have always carefully used concise and factual information in relation to the Cleanaway facility.

It is precisely because of this factual, non-emotive language that I have been successful in stopping Cleanaway's plans to build their dump to a mountainous height of 120m rather than natural ground level.

In the same way, using the same strategy, my team and I have been successful in preventing Cleanaway from obtaining a license to dump putrescible waste which would have caused significant odour issues for Mr Paulsen and the rest of his neighbours.

Mr Paulsen, misquotes me many times in his letter.

He claims I use the word "poison" at least four times. I'm afraid I just don't use that language.

I suggest that he do some reading of the IRATE website and Facebook page and see the number of times that my team and I have found Transpacific/Cleanaway non-complaint with the conditions of their license and permit including illegal waste types and illegal hours of operation.

He will also see clearly that, IRATE and IRATE alone, appear to be doing the compliance checking of this operation.

There is no sign of him or any of the other Division 3 candidates doing anything to protect the community.

Finally, the claim that I have somehow benefited from community donations from Cleanaway is completely false.

Again a quick check of the facts will clearly show that I neither applied for, nor received any funding from Cleanaway.

I find it disgraceful that Mr Paulsen would denigrate the 60 children and their families from Ipswich Karate who have been dragged into his obviously political agenda.

My opponent Kerry Silver's organisation in Riverview has greatly benefited from community donations from Cleanaway. No word from Mr Paulsen about that.

JIM DODRILL  President IRATE, Division 3 council candidate


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EARLIER this week Senator Joe Bullock resigned from his position as WA Labor senator.

This man of principle and integrity resigned because of his party's line on the same sex marriage issue, not allowing their members a conscience vote.

Our local federal member, MP Shayne Neumann, has stated many times that he stands for traditional marriage. Now that the Labor party, under Mr Shorten's leadership, has made it clear that a conscience vote is not on, where does that leave Mr Neumann?

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