Disqualified driver lied over jobs loss fear

A DISQUALIFIED driver caught driving by mobile police lied by first giving a false name to the officers.

But soon after revealed his true identity.

But the bad decision to drive by Ajak Atem has proven costly - and sent him off the road for another two years.

Prosecutor Ricky Tsoi said police intercepted a black Toyota on Ipswich Motorway at 11.20pm on December 17, 2018.

"He gave a false name first then correctly identified himself," Mr Tsoi told Ipswich Magistrates Court.

"He was disqualified by a court order for six months from September 18, 2018, until March 17, 2019.

"Says he was heading home from a mate's house."

Ajak Dau Atem, 34, from Mt Gravatt, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to driving unlicensed when disqualified by court order at Redbank on December 17.

When asked by magistrate Andy Cridland is that what happened, Atem replied he was working.

Atem told the court that the person who drives him to work was feeling ill that day.

"If I don't go to work, I'd be fired," he said.

"I was concerned about my work, that's why I made the wrong decision."

Mr Cridland said that as a result of his decision, Atem must be disqualified for the minimum two years.

He was also fined $600 - sent to SPER for a payment plan.

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