Director vindicated by court after unjust jailing

MACK Lindon spent more than 500 days in jail with hardened criminals after being falsely accused of rape … and then he decided to write a film about his experience.

That film, Rise, will premiere in Brisbane in November after being shot mostly in Ipswich.

Lindon's own rise from maximum security prisoner to a vindicated free man is worthy of a movie.

The former nurse was accused in 2006 of spiking a woman's drink and raping her at her home in Melbourne.

He was sentenced to six years in prison and subsequently spent 19 months in maximum and medium security jails.

"But we put in our appeal and three Supreme Court judges of Victoria overturned that conviction," Lindon told the QT.

"I had a one-night stand. We had consensual sex….and then you end up in maximum jail, which is not a happy place.

"I was a registered nurse at the time and lost my career.

"I started putting pen to paper inside my cell. When I came out, I thought I'd write a script.

"The story is about me. It was a false imprisonment and a false accusation.


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"That is the unique part of it … that the person it happened to has written, directed and produced the film. I don't think that has happened in Australia before."

Lindon's film is not accusatory and not about vengeance. He even wrote a letter of forgiveness to his accuser from jail.

But the film, essentially one of hope, now has momentum.

"We shot it on a shoestring budget and now it has come up trumps," Lindon said.

"Pinnacle Films have picked it up and they have brought out Dallas Buyers Club, Ryan Gosling's Drive and Ethan Hawke's Predestination. So we are in there with the big guys."

Lindon is hoping to be compensated for his wrongful imprisonment. That is a battle he is yet to win.

"To do over 500 days in jail, have the charge overturned and not get compensation … was a massive injustice," he said

"The Attorney-General has denied a claim for an ex gratia payment, so that is not cool.

"But we have got some leads with the larger law firms to seek compensation."


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