Bad road is driving safety fears

DESPITE repairs scheduled to begin on the Gatton-Esk Road next year residents are concerned it won't be soon enough.

Residents are concerned for their safety with the road rapidly falling apart and traffic set to increase once the Southern Queensland Correctional Precinct opens in January.

Kim Dixon who lives off the Gatton-Esk Road has been in two accidents near her house and said crashes occur on the road every month.

"It's only a matter of time before someone dies," she said.

"There would be two crashes a month on the road; it's just in such a bad state."

Ms Dixon said the road is wearing away with potholes emerging every time it rains.

"When they fix them they just patch it, they reappear the next time it rains.

"One crash I saw had to be because of the potholes, the car had rolled and had a flat tyre, I'm sure that would have been because it hit a pothole; they're just that bad."

In a letter written to the minister by Gatton-Esk Road resident Derek Pingel said driving the road was getting increasingly dangerous.

"My wife, my adult children and myself combined drive this road approximately 10 times a day and each time we do so, we have serious concern for our safety," he wrote.

"Enough is well and truly enough, we have put up with hazardous and dangerous conditions along his stretch of highway for far too long."

LNP member for Lockyer Ian Rickuss said the Department of Main Roads has told him extensive work will be done on the road early next year.

Mr Rickuss said extensive upgrades were planned including work done to intersections, the installation of guard rails and improved drainage.

He said he had received a number of complaints from residents regarding the road.

"The road out to the jail is a total waste," he said.

"Even though there is going to be a major spend next year - the road has to be maintained to a certain condition.

"Just because you are going to buy a new car next year you can not drive around on bald tyres."

"The jail will start getting prisoners on January, 3 2012 and could have a minor increase on traffic as well. So, I again call on the Minister to either bring the project forward or keep the repairs up to standard."

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