Attack on Folau is an attack on faith


I EXPECT the publishers of the Holy Bible to be charged any day now with hate speech offences.

And I urge you to beware if you have the good book on your bedside table, or tucked away in your bookcase. You might be an accessory after the fact.

Having never read a Bible, most of you will be unaware of the levels of sexism, depravity and wickedness described therein.

I have long been perturbed about Saint Paul's wish that those who disagree with him should "castrate themselves".

You guessed it: this is a column about Israel Folau, the devout Christian whose airborne leaps and ball-snatching skills on the tryline are heaven sent.

Folau is in trouble for quoting the Bible on Instagram.

At first I thought it would be a scandal in teacup.

As the story grew, I realised just how far the poison of political correctness has spread in this great nation.

The ABC and other media outlets misrepresented him as a "homophobe".

However the sporting superstar did not single out homosexuals in his controversial post. Heterosexuals copped it, too. So did drunks, adulterers, liars, fornicators and thieves of either sex.

Fornicators and others are now calling for his head.

Folau faces a Rugby Australia code of conduct hearing. Qantas has reportedly threatened to pull its funding unless he is gone. What a pathetic and futile way to treat a great footballing warrior.

The attack on Folau is an attack on all people of faith.

What Folau does in his own time is his business.

Rugby chiefs may have painted themselves into a corner because Folau's offending Instagram post was "liked" several teammates, including Samu Kerevi and Allan Alaalatoa.

Will they will have to be sacked, too?

Meanwhile I urge Qantas to butt out. Repent! you interfering airline or face the wrath of rugby fans everywhere.

Folau might have fundamentalist Christian views, but he is allowed to hold those views in a free nation.

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