Depp ‘wrote Heard’s name in urine’ at Gold Coast mansion


Johnny Depp was accused of writing his ex-wife's name in urine at a Gold Coast property, as a London court was shown a bloody photograph of damage to the house.

Amber Heard claimed in her witness statement that Depp had started urinating outside the property, saying to his security team: "I need to take a f***ing piss, it's my house".

"He then went back inside and did it right in front of them to nervous laughter," her statement said.

"He said he was trying to write my name on the walls and carpet while peeing in the house."


The Gold Coast property was subjected to more than $100,000 damage when the star was filming Pirates of the Caribbean in Queensland in 2015.

Depp severed his finger at the house, which he claims Heard did with a beer bottle.

Heard, 34, has denied the claim saying that Depp cut his finger when he smashed a phone into a wall.

A photograph of the damage shown to the court included a smashed glass window and splatters of blood throughout a room.


The image was part of evidence in Depp's libel case against The Sun newspaper, which he is suing over a 2018 article that called him a "wife beater."

Depp's former house manager Ben King was grilled on the stand at London's High Court about the incident, where he said it was his job to find the severed finger.

"I knew that Mr Depp's finger had been cut. It was mentioned that his fingertip may be somewhere," he said.


Mr King, who was tasked with overseeing cleaning up the house, denied that there was any evidence of urine when staff were tidying up the mess.

He said that he was not qualified to say where or how Depp, 57, hurt his finger.

"It looked to me like he had walked away from that area to go to another area, yes," he said when questioned by Sasha Wass, QC, for The Sun.

"I'm not a pathologist... I know what I saw when I arrived at the house."

He did say that he saw scratches on Heard's arm and he told her to pull her sleeve down to cover them up.

Winona Ryder says Depp was never abusive towards her. Picture: King/WireImage
Winona Ryder says Depp was never abusive towards her. Picture: King/WireImage

Under questioning from Depp's lawyer David Sherbourne, Mr King said: "I never witnessed Mr Depp be violent or unkind towards Ms Heard, or indeed towards anyone else."

Mr King's job also included taking the couple's dogs Pistol and Boo to a grooming parlour.

The dogs were brought into Australia illegally and caused a furore at the time with then deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce threatening to put the dogs down.

Winona Ryder, Depp's former flame from the 1990s, was due to give evidence in court via video link late last night Australian time.

It was expected that she would support Depp's claim that he was not a 'wife beater."

Originally published as Depp 'wrote Heard's name in urine' at Gold Coast mansion

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