ALL SMILES: Opening of Ipswich Ctiy Dental. Pictured is Cynthia Schoenfisch, Aaron Jones, Erin Jones and Sarah Moore.
ALL SMILES: Opening of Ipswich Ctiy Dental. Pictured is Cynthia Schoenfisch, Aaron Jones, Erin Jones and Sarah Moore. Inga Williams

Dentist with a difference makes tooth trouble a breeze

ONE of the city's newest developments is home to a new dental practice, Ipswich City Dental.

Dr Aaron Jones and his wife Erin have established themselves in the Circa 160 precinct in the Top of Town, with a view to creating a far more relaxed atmosphere for their patients.

Walk into Ipswich City Dental and what is remarkable is that it neither looks nor smells like a dental surgery.

"This is a major point of difference for us and in fact we aimed at being more inviting and for our patients to have a positive experience. We want it to be more homely," Dr Jones said.

While Dr Jones understands that he does not have the most popular job in the world, the effort that the husband and wife duo have gone to overcome the stigma is impressive.

The practice is strongly family oriented and their slogan, "Gentle Care, Beautiful Smiles", is more than mere words.

"I take the time to talk with my patients, we have longer appointment times to allow for that. I like to explain what is happening and what I would like to do. I believe people have been put off going to the dentist primarily because there is poor communication. People want to know what is happening and I tell them," he said.

He has a philosophy of providing a significant amount of treatment in house.

"I can carry out the majority of work required in the surgery without referring on to other specialists," he said.

"I think that it provides a cost-effective service and it builds on the trust that I value with my patients."

The practice offers everything from general check-ups and cleans, to more involved treatments such as root canal, wisdom teeth, crowns and bridges.

They have the latest technology featuring digital x-rays and a range of services such as whitening, veneers, management of sensitive teeth, night guards, splints and mouth guards.

Both born and raised in Ipswich, Aaron and Erin are passionate about their practice - as are team members Cynthia and Sara.

Erin brings a wealth of experience in marketing and talks over treatment plans with patients.

Dr Jones started out as a personal trainer and went on to train as a registered nurse with a wealth of clinical experience.

He undertook his study in dentistry and has gained considerable skills.

He has been in private practice for six years.

"All this has definitely helped me," he said.

"I know people's fears and what they need to hear to allay concerns. The medical training has been very useful."

Ipswich City Dental is providing Netflix in the surgery, and i-pads in the waiting room and during treatment for children.

"I am using technology, it entertains kids and makes it a totally different experience. They just have fun and don't even notice what I am doing," he said.

He is providing old-fashioned dentistry by offering after-hours care, extended and flexible hours.

"We recognise that people travel into Brisbane for work so coming home they can do an evening appointment. There is ample car parking off Limestone Street. It is a private and quiet space."

Dr Jones said Circa 160 was a great choice for location and has been well supported by owner Martin Sammut, of Sammut Bulow.

They are here for the long haul and are delighted with the support and feedback from patients.

The official launch was held last week and they have been operational for the past four weeks.

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