SEARCH: Jacob Carson, 17, has applied for around 70 jobs Ipswich but remains unemployed.
SEARCH: Jacob Carson, 17, has applied for around 70 jobs Ipswich but remains unemployed. Cordell Richardson

'Demoralising': Why Ipswich teens struggle to find a job

IN SIX months Jacob Carson has handed out about 70 resumes across Ipswich in his desperate search to find a job.

The 17-year-old boy has travelled the region in an effort to secure stable employment after moving here last year.

Jacob is an early school leaver, finishing grade 10 in 2016 in Canberra.

He was in an apprenticeship in grade 11 before a family emergency forced them to relocate to Ipswich.

Apart from a summer job, Jacob has been looking for stable work since August 2017.

He has applied for about 70 different jobs and regularly walks the streets handing out his resume.

The unsuccessful job hunt has taken its toll on the teenager.

"It's demoralising, you feel like you're not worth anything," he said.

"There's lots of jobs out there but I don't seem to get any feedback.

"One in 10 might send me an email at least saying thankyou for applying."

The hard-working teenager is prepared to take any job, but would enjoy working with animals.

"Preferable something with animals because I want to get into the Defence Force and work with dogs," he said.

Jacob said he had already tried to enter the armed forces, but they were not hiring for his particular role.

Despite basic skills and a willingness to learn, Jacob remains unemployed.

He has basic light-vehicle mechanic, tyre fitting and pool technician skills.

The Chuwar teenager has done a certificate three in warehouse logistics, but has no experience.

He said he had applied for a lot of recruitment agencies with no response.

Jacob said he had been previously successful in two positions, but he was let go because he did not learn the fast-paced job quick enough.

Now, the 17-year old wants prospective employers to simply "give me a chance".

If you can help Jacob find a job phone Carissa on 0413187654

Unemployment jumps in Ipswich on annual trend

JUNE statistics for Ipswich paint a grim picture of the city's unemployment trends.

Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows Ipswich's youth unemployment has jumped 1.6 points to 14.2 per cent.

It is an increase in the 12.6 per cent on June last year.

Total unemployment is 8.5 per cent, up from 7.6 year-on-year.

Shadow Treasurer Tim Mander said the government was unable to create employment in the Ipswich region. "Labor need to do more to create jobs, improve business investment and stop introducing job destroying taxes," he said.

"The Premier and her government need to stop burying their heads in the sand, admit there's a problem and start coming up with solutions."

Deputy Premier and Treasurer, Jackie Trad said the data highlighted the strength of Queensland's jobs growth.

"Strong population and employment growth, growing business confidence and a thriving export market tell the real story about Queensland's economy in 2018," she said.

"Improved conditions have seen business investment in Queensland rebound strongly, with ABS data showing an increase of 9.9% over the year to March quarter."

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