Delivering to those needing it most

Charity Rapid Relief Queensland has partnered up with the state government to deliver hundreds of food boxes to those in isolation.

RRT is working with Queensland Community Recovery service (QCR) to support individuals and families in self-quarantine by providing food boxes to those who may be struggling or otherwise unable to leave their home.

One person to benefit from the food boxes is Bundamba retiree Arthur Sommerfield.

“I really appreciate what they’re doing and how they’ve gone about it all to deliver food boxes around,” he said.

“My daughter got in contact with them and they delivered straight to me.

“I’ve been lucky to be given some great food during this tough time.”

Southeast Queensland RRT volunteer Lester Sharples said there was high demand for the food boxes.

“We’ve given away 450 boxes across Queensland today and the boxes would usually feed a family for 48 hours,” he said.

“We use to deliver them to situations of domestic violence but we’re happy to help support those in isolation now as well.

“We’ll continue to ramp up our efforts as this pandemic continues.”

RRT Managing Director Ron Arkcoll said care and compassion were at the core of RRT’s outreach programs and said they were thrilled to be able to offer a small gesture of help to those who needed it.

“While we know the COVID-19 crisis continues to throw up never before-seen challenges for us all, we are so humbled to be able to provide a small amount of relief to Queensland families who are currently in self-quarantine,” he said.

“Whether that’s filling a family pantry with some staple food items or putting a smile on the face of a neighbour – from an appropriate distance! – we hope these small gestures go towards providing some relief.

If you live in Queensland and need support, please call 1300 HEALTH who will assess your situation and organise support through this initiative.

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