100 days in power: Palaszczuk defies doom merchants


ONE political expert believes Premier Anna Palaszczuk's government has performed so well in its first three months, it has probably surprised itself.

Today marks 100 days since the ALP clawed back the reins of power from the LNP only three years after voters unceremoniously dumped the party at the 2012 election.


James Cook University Associate Professor Doug Hunt said the Palaszczuk government had weathered a widely-publicised scandal, drought and cyclones well.

"I think given the difficulties the Palaszczuk government has had, especially with a very narrow election win followed by the ousting (or) defection of Billy Gordon, the Member for Cook, I think they've managed so far, quite well," he said.

"Predictions of a chaotic government haven't come to fruition.

"I think they've done better than we might have expected, and better than what they might have expected."

Assoc Prof Hunt said the LNP's landslide victory after years out in the cold meant the Newman government had enjoyed a longer "honeymoon" period when it first came into government.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland advocacy director Nick Behrens described the Palaszczuk government as having a "steady-as-you-go approach... in stark contrast to the flurry of activity in the first 100 days of the former Newman government".

"Queensland businesses applauded (the Newman government) approach because it provided clarity around what to expect over the short-term," Mr Behrens said.

But like some other organisations, the CCIQ also welcomed a more consultative approach compared to three years of LNP's gung-ho attitude.

But how long the Palaszczuk government's more relaxed style will be welcome is another question.

Mr Behrens said Queensland businesses were yet to see decisive policy action from the new government.

Ms Palaszczuk's team set a record nationwide when she named a cabinet with eight women and six men.


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But domestic violence allegations against Cook MP Billy Gordon, combined with his undisclosed criminal history and unpaid child support, cast a shadow over the new government.

Mr Gordon resigned before he was pushed out of the Labor Party, leaving the Palaszczuk government in an even more precarious situation in the finely-balanced parliament.

They now have only 43 seats in the 89-seat parliament after Mr Gordon became an independent.

But the fallout from Mr Gordon's scandal was nothing compared to the devastation category five Cyclone Marcia wreaked upon central Queensland.

The tropical cyclone bore down on the state in the Premier's first week.

Thousands of homes were destroyed and about $275 million in insurance claims have been lodged.

The agriculture industry suffered further blows, with the discovery of the crippling Panama Disease on a Tully banana plantation adding to the increasing pain of the crippling drought across 80% of the state.

An ABC Four Corners report showing footage of live-baiting in the greyhound racing industry prompted the government to launch an inquiry.

The Palaszczuk government last week marked its own report card, complete with a list of 73 achievements.

The list noted inquiries into the Grantham flood, electricity prices and organised crime, along with domestic and family violence funding and more police, custodial and guidance officers as some measures ticked off.

Top of its environmental section was the creation of a designated minister for the Great Barrier Reef.


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