Ewan McGregor
Ewan McGregor

Death threat halts film production

PRODUCTION on Ewan McGregor's new movie has been stopped after he received a death threat from his stand-in.

Bosses brought work on 'The Impossible' to a halt in Phang-nga, Thailand, after discovering the unnamed man - who was used on set to fill in while the camera team were setting up shots - had penned a chilling poem in ode to the Scottish actor.

The verse described Ewan's possible death and included the line: "Twisting the knife as I look into your eyes."

Despite stopping work on the film - which is about a family caught up in the 2004 Tsunami - police were not called due to the nature of the threat.

A member of local production crew Santa Films explained: "We could not call Thai police because the man had only written poetry, and they would be unlikely to understand. Instead there was no confrontation.

"The extra was told that he would not be needed for a week and he would be called when it was time.

"He was not called. He looked a little wide-eyed and preoccupied. The producers decided that he was a serious risk."

The crewmember also stressed the actor - and American man who lives in Thailand and was being paid around £60 a day - was never on set at the same time as Ewan, though he had been allowed to use the Scottish star's trailer.

He added to the Scottish Sun newspaper: "I understand he later applied for a position on 'Scorpion King 3' which is filming in Thailand at the moment. I hope there is no further problem."

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