Dead dog no excuse for driving dangerously, court heard

A MAN who buried his dog the day he was involved in a traffic incident and fled from police was "very upset", Ipswich Magistrates Court heard yesterday.

David Alan Giess, 34, pleaded guilty to three charges following the incident on the Ipswich Motorway on December 31 last year.

His defence lawyer, Mark Dight, told the court Giess' dog died and he buried it the same day he got behind the wheel.

"He was very upset because he was very close to the dog," Mr Dight said.

"He was somewhat riled up when he left."

The court heard while Giess dangerously operated his car while driving on the motorway, "the driving didn't cause any fright or alarm and no other vehicles had to take evasive action".

"When he does get his licence back he will have to be extraordinarily careful about the way he does operate a motor vehicle," Mr Dight said.

"He knows he cannot go around driving like that, you put yourself at risk, you put other people at risk and you put the police at risk."

Giess pleaded guilty to one count each of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, failing to stop and driving unlicensed on a date in April this year.

Magistrate David Shepherd sentenced Giess to two years probation.

"You've had enough issues to deal with in your life but that doesn't provide an excuse or a free ticket to do stupid things," he said.

"It was a silly in the extreme thing to do.

"You cannot drive in that way and you simply cannot run from the police."

Mr Shepherd disqualified Giess from holding or obtaining a drivers licence for two years and fined him $300.

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