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Danny's cool idea snowballs

DANNY Donohue's push to have council fund air conditioning in Ipswich schools through a grants program is gaining momentum.

Mr Donohue unveiled his plan to put air-conditioning in every school classroom by next summer in the QT last week.

The Division 3 candidate's plans were well received by many parents and generated plenty of positive feedback in his direction after the story.

There were critics as well, who said it would be too expensive and was a state and not council issue.

Ipswich resident Alicia Santa Cruz-Thompson is a mother of two school age children who is concerned many schools in the Ipswich area do not have air conditioning.

Her feedback reflected concerns expressed by many parents.

She wrote to Mr Donohue about his plans and backed them, asking him to "please prioritise this issue within your policies in the upcoming elections with upmost urgency."

"On a regular basis we are seeing research being conducted to show how badly children in Queensland are doing academically compared to other states," Ms Santa Cruz-Thompson wrote.

"If we can become successful in providing our schools with the right resources, air conditioning being a major one, I believe we could significantly improve our results.

"We are constantly putting more and more pressure on our kids to perform better and start school younger, but are we setting them up to fail? When we can't even provide them with basic comfort we all take for granted in an office. Imagine doing your best at work in 40 degrees heat with no air conditioning."

Ms Santa-Cruz-Thompson's youngest daughter attends a special school and would benefit greatly from Mr Donohue's plan.

"She has had two open heart operations at a very young age and finds it very difficult to regulate her temperature with extreme heat and cold," she said.

"Many other children who have medical conditions suffer extremely in the heat. Some children will act out with aggressive behaviour, will have short attention span and with some children the extreme heat will trigger fits.

"My older daughter in Grade 11 attends a private school, but again with no air conditioning there either. Studies have shown that comprehension starts to diminish at 28 degrees. With the severe temperatures we have been experiencing of late hitting the high 30's, the ability to learn and teach is reduced immensely."

Mr Donohue rejected criticism that the State Government should solve the problem.

"Council grants are not a state issue," he said.

"Council has a proud history of providing grants to community groups such as P&C's.

"There are many P&C's that are struggling to raise funds for the very purpose of air conditioning classrooms.

"Council can assist with the upfront cost and make the education of our children more comfortable. Anyone who says we can't, doesn't have the vision to solve important problems in our community."

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