POLICE have confirmed the man who jumped from an Ipswich bridge was charged with public nuisance.

Although the video only just emerged, the incident took place on December 13, 7am.

Police received a phone call from a concerned member of the public who had driven over the bridge.

The 41-year-old Brassall man suffered injuries from the 26m fall and had visible bruising on his legs.

He faced court on December 15 and was fined $350.



A VIDEO has emerged of a man jumping off a bridge at North Ipswich.

In the video, the man stands on the wrong side of the barrier along the David Trumpy Bridge for a few moments before plummeting into the Bremer River.

The new digital billboard is visible in the footage, showing the incident took place recently.

The video was posted in the early hours this morning.

The man who jumps off the bridge appears to be middle-aged and several onlookers can be heard cheering him on.

David Trumpy Bridge is more than 20m above the river.

The fully clothed man, including shoes, freefalls for several seconds before hitting the water.

Queensland Police did not receive any reports yesterday regarding dangerous behaviour on the David Trumpy Bridge, however, warned the activity could attract penalties.

If caught, the man in the footage could be charged with unregulated high-risk activity or public nuisance, and issued with a notice to appear in court.

The Bremer River is tidal and the height varies significantly throughout the day.

Yesterday morning, the river barely reached a height of 1m at Ipswich, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

The highest point recorded by the BoM yesterday morning was 1.22m at 4.46am.

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