People enjoy a drenching.
People enjoy a drenching.

Rain to continue in Ipswich

THERE will be little reprieve from the rain, which is forecast to continue to dampen the region for much of the week.

Rain fell across the Ipswich region on Saturday and Sunday and was expected to ease a little on Wednesday before developing into constant rain again on Thursday.

While there were no flood warnings for the Ipswich region, residents living in parts of the Lockyer Valley, Somerset Region and Fassifern Valley were being reminded that creeks could rise quickly and flooded roads likely.

Bureau of Meteorology weather forecaster Tony Auden said rain would continue throughout today before easing slightly from Wednesday afternoon.

“There is the potential for 100 to 200 millimetres over the next few days before easing towards the end of the week,” Mr Auden said.

Water Grid operators reopened one gate at Wivenhoe Dam yesterday to empty the flood compartment, with hundreds going onto the dam, in rainy conditions to witness the spectacle.

About 30mm of rainfall had been recorded on the dam catchments in the past 48 hours, which increased levels to more than 103 per cent of the full supply level.

With heavy rain forecast during the week, it was important the flood compartment was emptied.

Releases from Wivenhoe were expected to continue until at least mid-week.

At this stage, these releases were not expected to result in any additional road closures. However, people seeking information on local flooding impacts, including road closures, should contact the local council.

Depending upon rainfall, further gates may need to be opened.

Somerset Dam was now releasing about 12,000 megalitres per day into Wivenhoe Dam, with valves expected to remain open until mid-week.

At North Pine Dam, gates closed early Sunday morning after a small release was made overnight.

For recorded information on current dam releases in South East Queensland, people were encouraged to call 1800 613 122.

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