Dad threatened medicos

A FATHER threatened to attack paramedics who were trying to treat his son for a seizure, and forced the Ipswich Hospital emergency department into lock down.

The father’s aggressive and drunken behaviour came as ambulance officers pleaded with him to let them do their job.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard Tony Patea’s 10-year-old son had suffered a seizure on his school bus on November 26 last year

The bus pulled over to the side of the road at Redbank Plains and paramedics rushed the boy into a waiting ambulance at 3.30pm.

The ambulance stopped by the child’s home at Riverview to alert his parents before travelling to the hospital for further tests.

But when they arrived, Patea removed the straps securing his son to the stretcher, and took him inside the house.

Paramedics told Patea they needed to take his child to hospital, but he replied “No, he’s my son”, and then barricaded the gate with his body.

The officers negotiated with Patea for 15 to 20 minutes until he eventually agreed to ride in the ambulance with his son.

But during the ride, Patea made a nuisance of himself by saying “stop the ambulance” in an aggressive manner several times.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Brad Dick said Patea became even more aggressive towards paramedics and staff once they arrived at hospital because his “son was not treated before other people”.

He tried to rip his child from the back of the ambulance several more times, but was unsuccessful.

When paramedics tried to stop Patea from reaching towards the stretcher again, he raised his fists and said: “I’ll punch you in the face”.

Snr Cnst Dick said paramedics and hospital staff were worried about Patea’s aggression and called for urgent help from police.

The emergency ward was locked down until police arrived.

Patea admitted to police he had been drinking alcohol all day and said he “wanted his son treated”.

He pleaded guilty to obstructing an ambulance officer and was fined $500.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said his client, a labourer, had a problem with alcohol and many of his prior public nuisance offences were alcohol-related.

“He’s unable to articulate why he behaved in this fashion other than that he was affected by alcohol,” Mr Fairclough said.

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