Sad woman standing with doll
Sad woman standing with doll

Dad rapes daughter, her friend and produces child porn


"YOU are truly evil," a mother told the man who took her pre-pubescent daughter's innocence away when he used her to produce child porn over a two-year period and raped her.

He also raped his own daughter and attempted to rape another of her friends.

The man, in his 50s, was sentenced to 11 years prison in Rockhampton District Court on December 19 for 19 offences including two of maintaining sexual relationships with children, three of producing child exploitation material (CEM), three of rape, one of attempted rape, 10 counts of indecent treatment of children and two of possessing firearms.

Judge Michael Burnett, whose voice quivered with emotion during the end of sentencing remarks, described the offending as "a gross and disturbing litany of material" produced by the defendant of "truly horrendous" events.

He said it was "abhorrent behaviour".

"This is a case that is far outside the norms," Judge Burnett said.


The court heard the man bribed the girls with money and threatened to bash them if they told anyone.

The mothers of two victims spoke with The Morning Bulletin after the horrendous, vile and disturbing facts were exposed during the sentencing. Read more of what the victim's mothers had to say here: Victim's mothers speak about the impacts the child sexual abuse has had on their daughters and families.

The mother of the girl who the man attempted to rape, told The Morning Bulletin it was her daughter, Alice*, who blew the lid by telling a school friend what had happened at the man's Capricorn Coast house when she went for a sleep over with the man's daughter.

Alice's mother said the school friend went with her daughter to their school principal which led to a domino effect of child safety probes and police becoming involved.

Judge Burnett said police became involved after being notified by child safety officers and spoke with the defendant's daughter and her friends.

Crown prosecutor Samantha O'Rourke said police executed a search warrant at the man's Capricorn Coast residence in September 2017 and found a USB containing 102 photographs and six videos of local victims.

Of the 102 CEM photographs, 33 CEM photographs featured Alice.

Ms O'Rourke said the known victims were aged nine to 12 years old during the offending period of two years and there was at least one other unidentified child depicted in 17 child porn photographs.

The court heard police also found a machine gun and Winchester rifle in a cupboard in the garage.

Ms O'Rourke said the offending included maintaining a sexual relationship with his daughter and one of her friends - Bianca*, playing strip card games with them, watching porn with them, showering with them, touching them and performing sexual acts on them, forcing them to touch him or perform acts on him and exposing his penis to them.

Ms O'Rourke said there were photographs of the girls naked, focusing on their genitalia and participating in sexual acts including vaginal penetration by his penis of his daughter.

She said the defendant denied any wrong doing when interviewed by police, even after they told him of the evidence they found.

The offending against Alice and Bianca took place when the girls sent to the defendant's house for sleep overs with his daughter.

Defence barrister Maree Willey said her client had been "unwilling and unable to give an explanation for his behaviour".

She said he had worked all of his life and had no criminal record, was the father of three children with two left in his full time care in 2008 when their mother suffered mental health issues.

The court heard he had been a volunteer firefighter and Army reservist before moving to the Capricorn Coast.

The defendant had spent 832 days in presentence custody.

NOTE: Names of the children have been changed to protect their identities. By law, media cannot identify the defendant in order to protect the identity of the children.

Alice's mother has a message to parents: if you suspect your child has been abused, try to talk to them. If you are a child, teenager or now adult who was abused, please speak with your parents, teacher or friend about what has happened to you.

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