106 days in jail 'a wake-up call' for father-to-be

IPSWICH dad Christopher John Sharp has been released to parole after serving 106 days in jail for a raft of stealing offences including petrol drive-offs and unlawful use of cars.

Sharp, 30, from Bellbird Park, appeared in custody at Ipswich Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to the charges that included entering premises by break; two counts of receiving tainted property; stealing; unlawful possession of motor vehicles; unlawful use of motor vehicles; assault/obstruct police; and failing to properly dispose of needle/syringe.

Police prosecutor Ricky Tsoi and Magistrate Donna MacCallum did not disclose the facts on record about his crimes in the open court so details of his offences were left unclear.

Mr Tsoi did say the unlawful use charges were the most serious.

"It's clear he has lifestyle issues," he said.

Mr Tsoi said restitution was sought and said some offences were petrol drive-offs.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said Sharp was a dad of three children with a fourth expected.

He had signed up to a do a program and knew he had some issues.

Ms MacCallum said the 106 days spent in custody would have been "a wake-up call" to Sharp about the consequences of his behaviour.

She warned Sharp that when people get a criminal history it gets harder to find employment, but noted that he had stated he wanted to turn his life around.

For the fuel drive-offs Sharp was convicted and sentenced to three months jail. For five offences he received nine months jail, and other offences was convicted only.

He was given immediate release to parole and ordered to pay restitution.

Three charges against him had been dismissed.

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