CSG waste water trucked to Ipswich

SWANBANK could become a dumping ground for western Queensland's coal seam gas boom.

Arrow Energy's Surat Gas Project, which runs from Wandoan to Dalby and Goondiwindi in the state's south-west, has proposed to use facilities at Swanbank to dispose of brine water.

The project's environmental impact statement says Swanbank would be used to dispose of the brine until facilities are built closer to the site.

"The closest currently available suitably licensed waste disposal facility is located at Swanbank, near Ipswich," the statement reads. "This EIS has assumed that all brine concentrate will be trucked to Swanbank."

The salted water is made during the water treatment process, according the EIS.

"Brine is a significant by-product of the water treatment process, which also requires specific measures to manage its storage, use and/or disposal.

"Arrow expects that treatment of coal seam gas water will generate in the order of 4.5t of salt per megalitre of coal seam gas water. Although beneficial use is the preferred option for brine management, for the purposes of this impact assessment it is assumed that brine will be stored in dams disposed to a suitably licensed landfill."

The plan has shocked the Ipswich and Lockyer branch of the Greens who have lodged an official objection to the EIS.

The Greens have questioned the suitability of the area for brine disposal following the 2011 flood, stating they are concerned if water is stored in the dams at Swanbank it may end up in the Bremer River, Bundamba Creek or Six Mile Creek.

Flooding occurred along the Bundamba Creek through Swanbank during last year's flood.

Their concerns go as far as to accuse Arrow's EIS of being incomplete.

Arrow Energy did not respond to The Queensland Times' request for comment yesterday.



According to the State Government, good-quality drinking water will contain up to 500 milligrams per litre of "solid values" while sea water contains between 36,000 and 38,000 mg/L.

The Arrow Energy EIS states the brine water is expected to contain an average of 4500 mg/L while the project is operating.

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