Cruelty laws not enough to protect pets

THE story of the badly beaten 10-month-old dog, Lucy, was one that angered readers and also one that showed the true spirit of the Ipswich community.

Readers donated thousands of dollars to the RSPCA in the weeks following the news which helped pay the considerable vet bills and care for the young bull arab.

Unfortunately, the perpetrators of this crime have not been found. But no one has given up on finding the culprits. Hopefully they will be found out and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

It is so fortunate that this dog has been rehoused and has somehow been able to accept her new owners with no apparent psychological scars, a dream conclusion to such a horrible case.

The RSPCA responds to an average of 50,000 reports of animal mistreatment each year. This year the RSPCA laid 1040 charges and finalised 358 prosecutions of which 343 were successful. The majority were in relation to dog welfare.

In Queensland, a new offence of serious animal cruelty has recently been introduced under the Criminal Code with a maximum sentence of seven years' jail and banning those convicted from owning a similar pet for two years. Recent amendments to the laws have also doubled the maximum penalty for animal cruelty under the Animal Care and Protection Act to $200,000 and three years in jail.

Surprisingly, this does not seem to be enough.


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