Crowds flock to bird show

WHAT was once a small aviary display 10 years ago has now become Queensland's largest caged-bird show and is three times the size of its EKKA rival.

The 2009 Ipswich Bird Spectacular, held on Sunday at the Ipswich Showgrounds, was a colourful, chirping frenzy of approximately 1500 bird breeds.

The bird-show's manager, Terry White, said more than 1200 bird lovers and exhibitors converged on the festival of feathers, which showcased finches, canaries, budgerigars, parrots and poultry.

“This is one of the top four shows in Aussie and people from all over the country come down to view the exhibits, enter competitions and purchase products,” Mr White said.

Besides local finds, rare species from countries like South America, Malaysia, Africa and Indonesia were on display.

“It is educational for all ages as it showcases pretty international and Aussie birds that the locals have never seen and don't know of - the kids love it,” Mr White said.

Committee members of organisations involved were present and actively provided people with advice on caring and nurturing for their avian pets.

Mr White, who has 58 years of bird rearing experience, also participated exhibiting more than 200 of his precious feathered friends.

“I breed the older ones and pick the best birds that are in good condition for the competitions and showcase,” he said.

His 28-year-old green ringneck parrot, Ringo, which has won more awards than any bird he has owned, was a hit.

- Hafizah Osman

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