Crims will stop at nothing

OUR January 1 story on the email fraud committed against Ipswich business owner Claude Chase has highlighted a couple of disturbing facts.

The first thing is that cyber crooks have burrowed to scum-ridden depths in the quest to swindle information and ultimately money off honest people; the second thing is that they are slowly coming up with ways to appear more genuine on first inspection.

The catch with these faceless criminals is that they don't have to be all that convincing to get you to click on a little box or icon on your screen.

I've said it before, but here at the QT, our staff receives all manner of ridiculously obvious attempts at fraud on an almost daily basis.

Some of them purport to be from major banks; some claim to be lawyers representing long-lost relatives in far-away places.

These strange emails come from all corners of the globe and in all kinds of jumbled English, Russian and other languages that we sometimes have trouble distinguishing.

Either way, they are usually easy to spot, and we are generally careful to delete them without touching a single icon on the body of the email itself.

All it took for Mr Chase to fall victim to Russian fraudsters recently was the fear or curiosity that one of his vehicles may have been caught speeding in NSW.

Unfortunately for him, one click did all the damage.

In today's QT, Joel Gould has looked into the story of the counterfeit bank notes that are currently doing the rounds in Ipswich, and likely the rest of south-east Queensland.

If nothing else, it's a sign that there are some desperate folk out there, and it would appear that they don't care who they screw in their quest to make a bit of money for themselves.

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