Crime spree puts man, 34, in jail again

A MAN who has spent less than 15 months out of prison in the past 10 years will be going back to jail after two crime sprees in Gatton and Wacol.

Jamie William Lang, 34, pleaded guilty to burglary, burglary by breaking, wilful damage by breaking, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, and entering a dwelling with the intent to commit an indictable offence.

On December 27 and 28 last year Lang broke into a Gatton house where he stole jewellery; the University of Queensland Gatton campus where he stole a quad bike; and a house where he was noticed by neighbours and caught by police.

Two months later, on February 22, he broke into P&E Francis Plant Hire in Ipswich where he damaged the building and drove away in one of the company's Hino trucks.

The court heard Lang had a long history of unlawful use of motor vehicles and stealing, and had spent almost all of the past 10 years of his life behind bars.

He was arrested following the offences where he had his parole revoked and was returned to prison.

Lang had repeatedly breached parole conditions and was serving a cumulative sentence of nine years and eight months when he committed the offences.

The value of the theft and damage to property he caused in the two incidents was in excess of $4500.

The court heard Lang had previously committed similar crimes under the influence of amphetamines and heroin, however had cleaned himself up during his last stint in prison.

This time he committed the crimes to fund two separate trips to South Australia following the death of a close friend and then the suicide of his late friend's wife.

Judge Sarah Bradley said Lang had to realise breaking the law wasn't acceptable regardless of the tragic circumstances.

She said while she would normally hand down a four year imprisonment for his crimes, the sentence on top of his existing nine years could be declared a "crushing sentence", one which "crushes" the offender's hope of living a useful life after release.

He was sentenced to three years' imprisonment, but declared eligible for parole immediately.

However, even Lang's defence lawyers admitted he was unlikely to receive it.

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